Hedgelaying is the traditional art of restoring and thickening up hedge rows. Whether they are old neglected hedges or newly planted a number of years ago, hedgelaying will increase their density making them more effective as either visual screens or as dog / stock proof barriers. Some neglected old hedges can resemble a line of small trees and shrubs, with as many gaps as there are plants. Laying, often combined with inter-planting, rejuvenates the hedge, creating a vigorous stock-proof barrier. Even if the hedge is just a little thin at the bottom, then laying will thicken it up, stimulating new growth at the base of the plants.


We offer two traditional styles of hedgelaying – South of England and Midlands style. The style used on your hedge will mainly be selected according to your location.

We offer a full hedgerow consultation and restoration service.

  • hedgelaying
  • hedge coppicing
  • planting up gaps
  • tuition & courses by arrangement
  • advice service

Areas Covered

We will usually undertake work within the counties of Berkshire & Oxfordshire, North Hampshire and South Buckinghamshire.

Hedgelaying Season

We undertake hedgelaying from October to the end of March, but the winter season is by far our busiest time of year, so dont delay, get your quote today!


Please contact us to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote.