Continuous Woven Hurdles

We specialise in the design, build and installation of bespoke willow hurdle fencing. Our installations are designed for maximum strength and durability whilst providing a sustainable fencing solution that looks stunning, blending into the natural environment instantly.

  • Built straight from the ground, on walls or timber sleepers
  • Straight or curved in both plan and elevation
  • Made from willow
  • Timber framed, capped, or naturally bound top
  • Gates can be made to match your hurdle

Suitable for….

  • Boundaries
  • Screens (compost bins, oil tanks etc)
  • Decorative seating screens & wind breaks
  • Border edging

Ground installations

When continuously woven directly from the ground, to ensure maximum longevity we use robust steel poles driven into the ground at suitable intervals, into the top of which we insert willow stakes. The steel and willow uprights are then fully interwoven with willow rods resulting in a seamless weave. The steel is barely visible but ensures that the hurdle will not rot at ground level thereby providing many additional years of service.

Wall & sleeper installations

We can build directly from the top of your wall or sleeper retaining structure, whether curved or straight. We usually use large steel dowells which invisibly join the uprights into the top of the wall. Alternatively the wall can be capped with timber from which we can build the hurdle.

Hurdle capping

We can cap straight sections of hurdles with timber capping. This provides rigidity to the installation helping to prevent wind damage.

Timber framed installations

An extremely robust option, completely encapsulating the hurdle within a rigid and robust timber frame, providing both elegance and durability.


As all of our installations are unique, please contact us to discuss your project and to obtain a quote.