Raised Beds & Planters

Quality, beautiful, low maintenance and robust raised beds suitable for any sized garden. These beds add a wonderful traditional formality whilst maintaining a rustic, natural look.


All the visible elements are made from locally sourced sustainable materials – Oak, sweet chestnut, hazel or willow. The (hidden) soil retaining boards are made from FSC treated timber.

ORDERING….. We offer a range of products in both standard sizes and to your specification. All beds are made to order either at our workshop or on-site for larger projects.
To discuss your project and obtain a quote for a bespoke installation please contact us by phone or email.
To view or order our standard products please use the SEARCH tool by typing ‘raised beds’, ‘planters’ or ‘pots’.


  • Any height up to that suitable for wheelchair users
  • Any size, from small planters to large bespoke installations
  • Choice of hazel or willow wattle panels (subject to availability)
  • Have your existing timber raised beds clad and capped.
  • Optional internal lining.
  • Oiled or natural finish.


FEATURES & CONSTRUCTION……What you see in the photos is the robust and decorative facing and capping to the main structure hidden behind – 50mm (2 inch) thick treated timber retaining boards! The wattle panels can be either hazel or willow (subject to availability) woven between durable sweet chestnut uprights. These wattle panels are framed by beautiful English oak, which also adds to the structural integrity of the retaining boards. The oak capping boards are 150mm (6 inch) wide and providing a strong and convenient seat. All corner joints are mitred for a smart & stylish finished appearance. All fixings are concealed with oak dowells, and the capping has a planed finish. The oak can be oiled or left to mature naturally. The wattle panels are designed to be easily removed without having to dismantle the structure of the raised bed should they need to be replaced due to accidental damage or old age. Finally, the inside of the beds can be lined with a waterproof membrane to ensure a truly durable raised bed.