Hedge Laying

Hedge laying is the traditional art of restoring and thickening up hedge rows. Whether they are old neglected hedges or newly planted a number of years ago, hedge laying will increase their density making them more effective as either visual screens or as dog / stock proof barriers. Some neglected old hedges can resemble a line of small trees and shrubs, with as many gaps as there are plants. Laying, often combined with inter-planting, rejuvenates the hedge, creating a vigorous stock-proof barrier. Even if the hedge is just a little thin at the bottom, then laying will thicken it up, stimulating new growth at the base of the plants.

We offer a full hedgerow consultation and restoration service.

  • hedge laying
  • hedge coppicing
  • planting up gaps
  • tuition & courses by arrangement
  • advice service


AREA COVERED….. We will usually undertake work within the counties of Berkshire & Oxfordshire, North Hampshire and South Buckinghamshire.

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